Posted by: jamescitty | April 20, 2014

God is bigger than my slights

“I demand justice.”

A demand for justice is often the battle cry of my heart when I feel someone wrongs me or slights me in some way.

What I want really isn’t justice though. What I want is MY justice. Vindication on my terms. Justice my way. The scales to be evened but perhaps leaning just a little bit more my way.

The truth is that what I initially want in my flesh when I feel slighted and what God wants are 2 completely different things. Where God wants restoration and peace, I want to be made to feel better. Where God wants forgiveness, I often want an apology that I feel entitled to.

It’s at those times I often have to catch myself and remember a simple phrase:

God is bigger than…

God is bigger than a lot of things. He’s bigger than my need to feel right. He’s bigger than my pride when I want to wait for someone to come to me first to apologize. He’s bigger than my desire to have “justice.” He’s bigger than my problems.

I had a pastoral friend once tell me that forgiveness begins with you going to God and admitting that something hurt you. It always stuck with me because it is and should he the first step but all to often it is the one we completely ignore when someone wrongs us.

The first reaction is usually to demand that the other person say or do something to make things right, instead of realizing that only God has the ability to make things right and to heal our brokenness.

Holding on to offenses is easy because we get to feel control over whoever or whatever offended us, but the truth is that all it really does is separates us from God.
Handing over a slight or offense to God can be difficult because it requires us to truly believe that God has our best interest at heart. Handing it over to God means believing that God loves you and that He is able to deal with an offense fairly as a just judge.

It’s never easy, but sometimes we just have to remember that God is bigger than our slights.


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