Posted by: jamescitty | April 15, 2014

The Rocks Would Cry Out

He answered, “I tell you, if they were to keep silent, the stones would cry out! ” (Luke 19:40 HCSB)

God is deserving of worship.

A simple 5 word sentence that I think most Christians would agree with, but do our lives really reflect it?

Jesus was triumphantly entering the city and the crowds were calling out to him with praises of Hosanna because of the miracles he had performed, but the same crowds were going to mock him and shout “crucify him” before the week was done. Their shouts of praise angered the Pharisees and fueled the hatred they already had toward Jesus and they attempted to command Jesus to rebuke his disciples. Jesus’ response was short but hit at the key truth of who He is. He rebukes the Pharisees by saying that even if the crowds were silent, that the stones would be forced to cry out and proclaim His glory.

The stones would cry out.

The thought of stones crying out seems a bit absurd, but in a way it is convicting. It makes me wonder, am I living my life in such a way that the the stones will remain silent?

The crowds cried out to praise Jesus and worshipped him for the miracles he had performed. They didn’t see the full picture of what God was doing. By the end of the week these same crowds were going to shout “crucify Him!” because they wanted miracles and were unable to see who Jesus really was. Like the crowds, it can be easy to miss the whole picture of what God is doing and to shout Hosanna leading into Easter and then cease the praise once it passes.

The question remained, do I live my life so that the stones don’t have to cry out?

If I’m honest with myself, then no, there are times when I don’t. I allow something to steal my contentment in Christ or I place too much importance on something temporary rather than things that are eternal.

Ultimately the rocks serve as a reminder. A reminder that God doesn’t simply ask for our praise, He is worthy of it. He is so worthy that creation groans for His redemption. He’s so worthy that even if you or I remained silent then the very stones would be forced to cry out and declare his glory. He is so worthy that I’m when I don’t “feel” like worshipping I have to ask myself “will you do what God created you to do or will the rocks have to cry out?”


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